Contact - Jurugambar Perkahwinan & Potret dari Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia.
Anan Mohamad Amri bin Adanan

Anan Amri, the Light Forger. Begin carieer in 2007, Anan Amri rapidly gaining experience and trust.

Started young and limited network, he build his name and reputation through his finest works. Even his personal experiment artwork were licensed to a North American publisher.

Humans and portraits are his forte. Forging lights is his magic. Giving soul to every photos, every moments freeze forever.

From the royal palace wedding to vvip families wedding, from celebrities to commoners, his experience in Malay wedding is vast with a few Chinese wedding portfolios.

The corporate world also gets his touch. Ministry of Youth & Sports, MARDI, DRB-HICOM, SIRIM, TIME Engineering, Modenas and the list is growing. He was also given trust to take portraits of Egypt, Croatia & Philipines ambassador.

The award winning film poster, Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa, created from his lights and cameraworks. Other top movie posters he involved in includes Polis Evo, Husin, Mon dan Jin Pakai Toncit, CEO and many more.

For 2018 he’s actively involved in fashion & product photography and online marketing.

“Serve to Lead”

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11 Replies to “Contact”

  1. Salam..nak tanya about maternity photoshoot.berapa cost for that service ye? En blh bg detail x? Hope ur reply..tq.

  2. noorlaili says:

    salam..saya nak quotation utk majlis akad nikah n majlis bersanding dkt bagan serai,perak utk 6 & 7 dec 2013..apa pakej yg encik sediakan..tq

    1. Terima kasih atas minat saudari. Saya dah email senarai perkhidmatan saya =) Terima kasih.

  3. Boleh email saya untuk details maternity photoshoot?

  4. Salam..
    boleh send pakej wedding photographer?

  5. Rohana zainal says:

    Hi, are you free for wedding photoshoot on 19/1/19 in seremban. If the slot is still available, kindly email me your quotation, tq.

    1. Hi Rohana! Thank you for dropping by. You’ve got mail! =)

  6. Hema Gopal says:

    Selamat Petang, nak tanya about maternity photoshoot.berapa cost for that service? Bole bagi detail? Kat JB Kan? Thank you

    1. Salam sejahtera Hema! Thank you for your interest =)
      Actually kami based in Shah Alam.
      Will email you the details.
      Thanks Hema!

  7. Hi…can I have the details for maternity photoshoot?

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