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Maternity Photography By The Beach

Bismillah, thank you Ain & Hyedar for trusting us!
I’m having so much fun with you guys! Very sporting and cooperative! Session done on of the beach in Selangor, about 1 hour driving from Shah Alam.

Alhamdulillah, the weather on that day was great. Everything was on plan, tide was low as reseached. It was on weekdays, so crowd was almost none. Yay! Easier to achieved clean backround. Clean background are one of the most important aspect in photography. Unless you want to portray busyness in your photo.

Lets see more maternity photos!

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For your information, we have a lot more lovely, intimate photo but for safety reason, we believe we shouldn’t post it here. Let the client keep and cherish the moment for themselve and their children =)

Do you have a dream of having a lovely, beautiful memories that you can show to your children?

For 9 months you carry them  with love and care. A once in a lifetime moment that you should cherish.

Trust me, there might be a moment when you look back at the photos, it will remind you have you’ve done enough to love them, to guide them, to give enough attention to them.

There also might be a time when you really need your child to listen to you and you show them the pictures of how you gone through everything to carry them with love and care for 280 days, it will simply melt their heart and will listen to you. It will be far more effective if you show them the photos of you given birth to them! Trust me, it’s my personal experience (eventhough I’m the father), it simply works. Show them love! The power of love!

Share with me all the details below and I will help you to achieve your dream and cherish the moment.
Jangan segan bertanya ya, insyaallah saya akan bantu =)

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