The Last Geisha – Pre-Wedding Video

My first pre wedding short film, teaser for Anan Adli & Redzlin’s wedding.
Filem pendek pra perkahwinan pertama dari kami. Untuk Anan Adli & Redzlin Hasyim.

I’m not a videographer. So if you requesting for an actual day wedding videography services, I’ll forward to my videographer friends.

Actual day services is very critical. Knowledge, experience and equipment must be propper. So better get a propper videographer.

But for non critical occasion, error tolerance occasion like this video, can retake, reshoot, I’m glad to help you =)

4 Replies to “The Last Geisha – Pre-Wedding Video”

  1. syahirhalili says:

    menarik jgk teknik yg digunakan 🙂 keep up good work!

  2. Very nice lah the video! And funny. I like this. Keep up the good work! 🙂

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