5 Replies to “Dzul & Husna – The Solemnisation”

    1. Thank you my fren! Sometime less is more…hehe. Thank you for dropping by and leave a comment! Really┬▓ aprreciate it. 1st comment for this new born blog. ngeehehee~ Terima kasih Atiqah! Moga anda juga sukses~

  1. hye.. i like yg gambar number 2. btw am/atiqah kwn sy gk. hehe kebetulan. and anan kita kawan kt friendster tapi tk kenal. men add2 je rasa pastu cam ‘ur name from markas radikal. great work u have.

  2. saya rs saya mmg suke gmbr┬▓ mcm ni..and sgt setuju yg kdg┬▓ less is more. suke suke suke tgk smua gmbr┬▓ ni!!

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