Maternity Photography By The Beach – Ain & Hyedar

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Maternity Photography By The Beach

Bismillah, thank you Ain & Hyedar for trusting us!
I’m having so much fun with you guys! Very sporting and cooperative! Session done on of the beach in Selangor, about 1 hour driving from Shah Alam.

Alhamdulillah, the weather on that day was great. Everything was on plan, tide was low as reseached. It was on weekdays, so crowd was almost none. Yay! Easier to achieved clean backround. Clean background are one of the most important aspect in photography. Unless you want to portray busyness in your photo.

Lets see more maternity photos!

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Polis Evo Film Poster Photoshoot

Polis Evo Poster Photoshoot 1 Polis Evo Poster Photoshoot 2 Polis Evo Poster Photoshoot 3

Photoshoot filem poster Polis Evo (2015).

Pelakon utama : Shaheizy Sam, Zizan Razak, Nora Danish.
Production : Tayangan Unggul
Arahan : Ghaz Abu Bakar

Poster Editing : Kukubesi & Zouqi Berapi
Photo & Lighting : Anan Amri
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